The 6000 + 1000 years of the Plan of God - and the 7 last years


The 6000 + 1000 years of the Plan of God - and the 7 last years


6000+1000 years - the plan of God for mankind

Historical/Biblical EventBiblical meaningBiblical books/versesPlan of God
ca. 4000 BCca. 1Adan and Eve casted out of EdenHumanity starts living in a FALLEN STATE, totally delivered to the hands of Satan and the Fallen Angels - it will be in this way for the next 2000 yearsGenesis 1-5HUMANITY IS FALLEN (2000 years)
ca. 2350 BC1656Universal Flood - God punishes all human kind due to its evilWe are in the core part of the 2 first milleniums, where humanity is fully delivered to Satan and his angels and turns extremely wicked, so much that God restarts again in the time of NoahGenesis 6-9
ca. 2000 BCca. 2000Abraham's covenantAt this moment a second set of 2000 years start. Now mankind is still delivered to Satan, but God makes a covenant with Abraham, so that he and his descendance will be guided by God if, in turn, they remain faithful to Him. God reveals to Abraham that he has a plan of redemption for all mankind and in this plan the role of Abraham is key: "and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice (Genesis 22:18)"Genesis 12-22COVENANT WITH ABRAHAM AND HIS SEED (2000 years) as a way to REDEEM HUMANITY
ca. 1500 BCca. 2500Jehovah delivers the israelites from their captivity in Egypt and Moses receives the Law of GodIsaac was the son of Abraham that inherited God's promises. Jacob was the son of Isaac that inherited God's promises. God confirmed to Jacob that all his descendants would inherit his promises if, in return, they were faithful to Him. Jacob then received his new name of Israel. But the 12 sons of Jacob/Israel were not perfect at all. Their story finishes in Egypt, where their descendants will suffer captivity for more than 2 centuries, until the time of their deliverance was reached. God guided the nation of Israel, e.g. the nation of those who were descendants of Jacob/Israel, out of Egypt, towards the Promised Land, but always with the condition of remaining faithful to Him and his Law. They will not do it, and so the next stage of the plan of God will be deploying.Genesis 23-50, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua
ca. 1500-1000 BCca. 2500-3000The israelites in the Promised Land - Time of the Judges - Samuel and King SaulOnce installed in the Promised Land, a pair of generations passed and the israelites gradually forgot their covenant with Jehovah - everytime their transgressions reached a peak, God was sending a Judge to them, a man (or a woman) that was able to deliver them and send them back, at least for a little time, to the righteous path of God. After this period finished, their transgression reached such a limit that they asked to have a king, like the other peoples of the world, denying in this way their allegiance to their True King: Jehovah. Samuel the prophet was by then aware of this situation, but Israel did not hear him and Saul, a benjamite, was annointed king of IsraelJoshua, Judges, 1st Samuel, 1st Chronicles
ca. 1000 BCca. 3000Time of David and Solomon - the Temple of God is built in Jerusalem by SolomonWe are in the middle of the 6000 years plan of God, and his temple is built in Jerusalem. After king Saul proved to be a faulty king, Samuel annointed David as the new king. After a time of persecution king David was crowned in Jerusalem, and his son Solomon succeeded him in the throne. This is a time when Israel is still in transgression before God, but not as badly as in the past. It's a relatively optimum period in this sense. However, for the rest of mankind, darkness is still prevailing. But the plan of God will reach them at the right time. Messiah will come, is a promise that was announced to Abraham and Moses among others, and now is again announced to David and Solomon. Messiah will be a King and a Prophet, and he will fulfill the promise given by God to Abraham: that in his seed will be delivered all the nations of the earth. When he will come? At that time it was not still revealed, but very soon the prophets of God will give the answer to those who wanted to hear.1st Samuel, 2nd Samuel, 1st Kings, 1st Chronicles
ca. 1000-722 BCca. 3000-3280The 2 kingdoms of Israel and JudahWhen Solomon was approaching to the end of his kingdom, he sinned turning to the false gods of his wives, and as punishment God divided his kingdom, leaving just a small part of the kingdom to his son Roboam (Kingdom of Judah, formed by the 2 tribes: Judah and Benjamin), and giving the other 10 tribes to a second kingdom, known as Kingdom of Israel, and given to Jeroboam. From them on, 2 kings will coexist in the old land of Israel: the kingdom of the North (Israel) and the kingdom of the South (Judah). The line of kings of Judah will have, alternatively faithful and unfaithful kings, but the line of kings of Israel will be, invariably, a line of corrupted kings, turning away from Jehovah and going after false gods and false religion. The preaching of prophets like Elijah and Elisha will not be enough to stop the process of corruption of the northern kingdom of Israel, that eventually will be punished by God with its destruction.1st Kings, 2nd Kings, 2nd Chronicles
ca. 722 BCca. 3280The northern kingdom of Israel is destroyed by the AssiriansDespite the continuous warnings sent by God, the evil in the northern king of Israel reached such a level that Jehovah punished them with total destruction: the northern kingdom was destroyed by the Assirians and the 10 tribes of the North were massively deported and no trace of them was left visible in the world until today. Now, only the kingdom of Judah (the 2 tribes of the south) remains as witness of God in the earth.2nd Kings, 2nd Chronicles
ca. 722-585 BCca. 3280-3420The kingdom of Judah also turns corrupted and is destroyed and deported by the BabyloniansAfter the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel, the southern kingdom of Judah had some of its best kings: Ezekiah, Josiah were among the most faithful to God of all kings of Israel and Judah. But it was too late, and corruption was part of daily behaviour of the people of Judah. Punishments and warnings came continuously and increasingly, but there was no reaction, and finally, after a pair of small deportations happened during the last 2 decades of this period, king Nebucadnezzar of Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple and the people of Judah was sent captive to Babylon.2nd Kings, 2nd Chronicles, Jeremiah
ca. 607-537 BCca. 3390-3460Captivity in BabylonThe captivity started partially ca. 607 BC and became total ca. 585 BC. From that time, the jews (as we can call in what follows the remnant people of the south kingdom on Judah) were captive until the 70 years of captivity elapsed, in fulfillment of the prophecies of Jeremiah and others2nd Chronicles, Jeremiah, Daniel
ca. 537-334 BCca. 3460-3660Restoration of Judah under the Persian empireKing Cyrus of Persia destroyed the babylonian empire and founded the new Persian empire, that was truly the first true world empire in history, extending along all civilisations known at Middle Orient at this time. King Cyrus was used by God to restore the jews at their place: they were enabled to return home, and the successors of Cyrus will enable them to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and its Temple: a second Temple was then built by the jews, but it was a pale image in comparison to the original Temple of Solomon2nd Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel
ca. 334-7 BCca. 3660-4000Rule of the Greeks and Romans over JudahThe problems started for the jews when Alexander the Great conquered and destroyed the Persian empire. The secular view of life of the Greeks was incompatible with the Word and the Law of God and conflicts arised all the time during the rule of the Greeks, culminating in the massive killings by Antiochus Epiphanes, that many consider a historical shadow and anticipation of the future Adolf Hitler. The Roman rule was, in this sense, less problematic than the Greek, but it led to a situation that in the long term will culminate with the destruction of the 2nd Temple and the start of the Diaspora of the jews.Daniel, Minor prophets
(and secular sources for historical information)
ca. 7 BC - 30 ADca. 4000First coming of Jesus Christ

After 4000 years of history, it was time for the coming of the Messiah.

In fulfillment of the prophecy of the 70 weeks of Daniel, Messiah came 483 years after the issue of the order to rebuild Jerusalem. Jesus preached the Gospel, e.g., the Good News, that from now on, EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD COULD BE SAVED, because Jesus payed for the sins of all of us.

However, A NARROW WAY HAS STILL TO BE FOLLOWED, the same narrow way that Abraham followed 2000 years before. This narrow way implies that, once you accepted that you are a sinner, you repented, you were baptized and you received the Holy Spirit, you have to START A NEW LIFE following Jesus.

There's 2 main ways to be deceived about this issue, and Jesus was very clear about this at the end of the 7th chapter of the book of Matthew.

  • It's not the narrow way if you believe that you deserve by your own merits to go to Heaven: NO HUMAN DESERVES HEAVEN, all of us deserve Hell. So, to be truly in the narrow way, you admit that you don't deserve Heaven, and you ask Jesus: please, Lord, help me to enter there, accept me and transform me so I'm able to enter there: I cannot do it with my own strength, but I can do it if you guide me towards this with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  • A second way of going out of the narrow way is to think that, as is not about merits, you have permission to sin. NO! You don't have permission to sin. Don't fall in the falacious lie that tells you that, as Jesus payed for your sins, you can freely sin and still enter to Heaven. The epistles of Paul, Jacob, Peter and John are very clear about this, but Jesus himself was very clear in Matthew 7 or in the book of John: Once you admit that you cannot stop sinning with your own effort (and remember, if you didn't admit this and you believe you are, you go to Hell), once you admit it, you ask Jesus guide and help to overcome sin. You don't make a plan, yourself, to overcome sin, but you ask Jesus guidance to do it, and you follow his instructions. His instructions will come as events in your life where you have to make decisions, and as temptations and proofs you have to overcome. The truth is that no one is expecting you to be perfect, because no human is perfect, but you have to be faithfully perfect in the sense that you do all you can, sincerely, to improve yourself with the guide of Jesus.

So you will ask, where are the good news of the Gospel? The good news are here: follow the narrow way, and you will go to Heaven. A Door is open to you to enter Heaven, and this Door is Jesus Christ. There's no other Door. Before his coming, this Door was not available. These are the Good News, now the Door is open for you and for every person in the world. During the first 2000 years after Adan and Eve, the Door was not opened and some people reached Heaven (Enoc) or did the merits (merits of faith, not of works) that will send them there (Abel, Noah), but there was not a Door open universally for everyone. During the following 2000 years, from Abraham to Jesus, the Door was a promise, but still not a reality available to all people in the world. Now, the Good News are that the Door is here: Jesus is the Door and he is open for you to enter in Heaven.

No one is saying it's easy. Jesus said it is a narrow way, that few will be able to find (Matthew 7:13-14). The 2 ways to go out of this narrow way:

  • (1) believe in your own righteousness, believe that if you do what you think is correct or if you do your own effort to be good you can merit Heaven, without the help of God: this is pure arrogancy and pride, and prideful people deserves HELL.

  • (2) To think that the grace of Jesus enables you to follow your own desires and fall in every temptation: you think, WRONGLY, that anyway Jesus will wash your sins and you will enter in Heaven if you akcnowledge Him as the Lord. But Jesus was very clear: Not those who call me Lord, but only those who do the will of my Father, will inherit the kingdom of Heaven.

So, it's open to everyone, it's available to every human, it's a gift for everyone, but if you don't follow Christ trully and sincerely, you will not receive the gift of Salvation!

Matthew, Mark, Luke, JohnMESSIAH COMES WITH A NEW COVENANT FOR ALL HUMANITY: You are the SEED OF ABRAHAM if you do what Abraham did: TRUST GOD AND FOLLOW GOD! (starts a new period of 2000 years)
ca. 30-96 ADca. 4000-4080The Gospel is preached in the Roman empire and outside- the New Testament is writtenThis was probably the moment when christianism was more pure and tied to the original Gospel: Christians were, majorly, authentic christians, and many of them suffered persecution, prison, torture and death because of their faith. It was suffering persecution and tribulation that Paul, Peter and the others have written the books that today integrate what we call the New Testament. The last one was the book of Revelation, written by the apostle John while he was imprisoned in the island of Patmos because of his faith. However, false christians existed already, and as we know by the story of Judas Iscariot, they existed from the very first day! False christians are an important issue in the epistles of Paul, Jacob, Peter and John, so Satan was already deceiving people during this first century. But things will turn worse as the time of Jesus flies outActs of the Apostles, Epistles of Paul, Jacob, Peter and John, Revelation
96-310ca. 4080-4290Christianism grows despite continuous persecutionThe central strategy of Satan during this period was simple: KILL THE CHRISTIANS! However, doesn't matter how many christians the Roman empire was killing in the most brutal ways, they were more and more and more. Eventually Satan realised that his secondary strategy of perverting christians was most effective than just killing them, and this will be his strategy in the future: not killing them, but making them fight mutually and take as many of them as possible out of the narrow way
310-538ca. 4290-4520Christianism turns official religion of the empireThe persecution was ineffective and stops: it turns more subtle in the future, as follows: Satan creates a false religion that calls itself "christianism", and this false religion becomes the official religion of the Roman empire. Most of those who follow this religion are just not in the narrow way, but they think they are. They are not following Jesus, but they think they are. This is enough for Satan! It's easier than killing them, and it makes the job: at the end, this people will go to Hell. Add to this the secondary strategy of all times: divide these official christian churches and raise disputes and more disputes, and multiply the accusations of heresy. At the end, only very few people (as always) will be able to overcome this web of lies. Who? Those who are enough faithful to God to care about his Word so much that they find the truth anyway. Those are who overcome! But for them, Satan still has a third strategy: Persecution! The old and simplest method, but now restricted to the few that truly follow Jesus. It's easy, when many follow a false christian religion, that is official, and few follow truly Jesus, to make the false official religion to accuse them of HERESY! And the fight of Satan against the sons of God goes on.
538-1517ca. 4520-5500Medieval church - official, corrupted, full of false doctrine, but still useful to keep the gospel available for those who wanted to hearMedieval church is the peak of perfection of this recipe of Satan to deceive as many people as he can. Use the triple method of:
  • (1) create a false official christian religion, as powerful and agressive as possible;

  • (2) multiply theological disputes and divisions so even inside this official religion there is a continuous state of suspicion of heresy.

  • (3) For those few persons that truly find Jesus, have preset a list of potential accusations to convert them in HERETICS and drive them to death.
No doubt, Satan is smart! But not smart enough to overcome those who trust Jesus and are guided by the Holy Spirit, of course! Because God is infinitely more smart than Satan! Trust God and you overcome Satan. Trust yourself and Satan won! You're deceived by the lies of the world. In medieval times, they were RELIGIOUS LIES.
1517-1717ca. 5500-5700Protestantism raises as a reaction against false doctrineWhen Martin Luther published his 95 theses in October 1517, he launched a movement of return to the true Word of Christ that had been latent for centuries and had many predecessors (Wycleff, Hus, etc.). Not everything he said was right, because he was part of this world immersed in the lies of Satan, but the core part of his protest was equivalent to a coming back to the true Gospel. Now the trick of Satan was dismounted: Protestants were not following anymore his false official christian church, but they were doing the only thing that Satan cannot defeat: surrendering to Jesus, asking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and reading the Bible. Reading the Bible! The immediate answer of Satan was a sign of his despair: PERSECUTION! And the worst persecution in centuries, as systematic as in the worst times of the Roman empires. It makes sense. When the world has a massive movement towards the Gospel, Satan just has one solution: PERSECUTION. However, when the world turns its back to the Gospel and is disposed to follow lies, then Satan can apply his deceptions. The XVI and XVII centuries were an age of corruption and cynicism (the times of the Pope Alexander VI, to name one), but they were also the time of massively printing the Bible in vernacular languages for the first time in history, and a massive return towards Jesus and His Gospel in Northern Europe, so Satan just had one answer possible: INQUISITION, PERSECUTION, TORTURE and WARS of RELIGION. The map of Europe is divided during 2 centuries in catholic and protestant countries, and Europe is ravaged by war. However, Satan knows that in the long term persecution is not a good tool. He needs something better. The old lie, the official false church was not enough: something new was needed. The Company of Jesus, founded by Ignacio de Loyola (e.g., the Jesuits) took the torch. Their goal: We cannot avoid that the Bible is printed all over Europe, but we can avoid that the people READ IT! So you can deduce the future strategy of the devil: discredit the Bible, and this by 3 ways:
  • (1) associate the Bible, in the mind of the people, to the crimes that HE HIMSELF (Satan) has committed in her name.

  • (2) convert gradually the protestant churches in other set of official false christian churches;

  • (3) and more importantly, the key factor: create a dichotomy between, on one side, PROGRESS and SCIENCE, and on the other side, RELIGION and BIBLE. And make the people believe that BIBLE equals ALL THE MISTAKES FROM PREVIOUS IGNORANT GENERATIONS OF HUMANS.
We now have a perfect description of the plan of the devil for the next centuries until the end. And the first movements of this plan deploy with a series of key discoveries: Colombus, Copernicus, Galileus, Kepler, NEWTON! Newton, who was on one side a systematic student of Bible prophecy, and who was on the other side a notable member of the secret societies of the devil. The prototype of every MASON of the following centuries.
1717-1917ca. 5700-5900Satan uses Masonry to corrupt the world and prepare the arrival of AntichristThe plan of Satan is straitforward: DISCREDIT THE BIBLE! We cannot avoid the Bible being everywhere, and we cannot kill the people that reads it. But we can make that people feel guilty or stupid for reading it! That's the next stage. Then comes the Encyclop├ędie, the New Ideas, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, the scientific lies about the origin of the Universe, and the key and central lie: EVOLUTION. If you believe in Evolution, how could you believe in God? Not in the God of the Bible, for sure. And after Evolution, lies multiply: the world has millions of years, billions of years, the Universe started with a BIG BANG, and you believe it because people that tells you this is "very smart" - the magic word is: SCIENCE, SCIENTIST. You see, Satan has also his High Priests, with his secrets rituals that no one else can understand. So now the deceit is more subtle. If you're christian, you're blind, you're retrograde, you're ignorant, you're willingful denying to use your own brain. These are the new lies of Satan, and the major part of us believed these lies at some stage. I believed all these lies at some stage of my life! Blindly, totally, absolutely. But then Jesus called me. Anyway, just keep in mind this: Satan would still use PERSECUTION, DIVISION, DISPUTES, FALSE CHURCHES, if that was enough. But he had to push his deception to a limit because a lot of people was reading carefully the Bible after Martin Luther, and opening their eyes. And there we are: in a pair of centuries, humanity discovered a lot of stuff that was ignored during centuries. And very interestingly, exactly just before we reach the final century before the year 2000 after Christ!
1917-1967ca. 5900-5950The 119th Jubilee - World wars and Judah comes back to its landThe time is near and the world of 666 has to be prepared: the Antichrist will need the United Nations, the Antichrist will need computers and the WWW, the Antichrist will need cellphones and chips, the Antichrist will need the jews back at home, so everything is put in stage during the first half of the XXth century: 2 World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the crisis of 1929, the key presidency of Roosevelt and his New Deal, everything was directed towards Bretton Woods, the United Nations, the European Union and Israel coming back to its land after more than 19 centuries being out. Curiously, 19 centuries... from a pair of decades after the first coming of Jesus, to few decades before his second coming. Everything is being put in stage. The last Jubilee is coming, and Satan needs everything ready. BUT ALSO JEHOVAH! Because He has everything planned and not even one of his children will be left in the hands of Satan at the end!
1967-2017ca. 5950-6000THE FINAL JUBILEE - Where Satan multiplies his prodigies to deceive as many people as he canThis is the multimedia culture: World Wide Web, computers and cellphones, Rock & Roll and Hip Hop, World Cup and NBA, Pac Man and Call of Duty, Cable TV, Hollywood, Disney and Cartoon Networks, Best-seller writers, but what FUN and ENTERTAINMENT are really for? Just to keep you DISTRACTED. Distracted of what? Don't you remember the plan of the devil? This lemma of the Jesuits. And curiously, for the first time we have a Jesuit Pope. And he is the last Pope of history! And he is very funny (funny in the sense of the world, funny in the sense of the devil). DISTRACTED OF READING THE BIBLE. The only thing that matters. But of course, How would you believe that the Bible is the only thing that matters when you have this exponential multiplication of alternatives that are funny, smart, interesting and entertaining? Well, that's the problem. If you try to think by yourself, Satan is smartest than you: you're deceived. Don't forget God. If you believe the lies of Satan, there's no such things as ANGELS and DEMONS, instead of this there's parallel universes, multiverses, other dimensions, UFOs, extraterrestrial civilisations, and all this bunch of lies. You know them very well, your brain was trained to accept them by movies, books, magazines and the rest. But if you believe in the Bible, then there's no UFOs, extraterrestrials, multiverses and all this bunch of lies: there's ANGELS and DEMONS. And there's GOD. However, Satan did well his job. Extraterrestrial and multiverse sounds smart and modern, angel and demon sounds dumb and old-fashionned. However, the TRUTH is the TRUTH, and you don't have too much time to aknowledge it before it's too late. So, will Satan defeat you? It's up to you!
2009-2016 ... 2020ca. 5953-6000THE FINAL WEEK OF DANIEL - The week of the AntichristVery probably Barack Obama is the Antichrist. Surely, he is the prince of the 70th week of Daniel. If you're reading these lines, it's possible that he's already trying to deceive you in the decissive moment of history. Don't let them deceive you. There's no such thing as an extraterrestrial attack. JESUS IS GOD and you have a last chance to aknowledge this before it's too late! At the end, the Antichrist will try to force you to accept the mark of the beast: you do it, or you don't buy and sell, you don't have a way to make a living. However, don't accept the mark, reject it, and endure the tribulation that will come. It will be THE WORST IN HISTORY, so it will be harsh and terrible. Christians will die by decapitation, massively. But immediately after you die, you will be with Jesus, forever. Believe it, because this is the key thing that Satan will try you don't believe! And again I tell you: if you try to compete with Satan with your own mind and intelligence, he will win over you. But if you trust Jesus you will fight Satan with the intelligence of God, with the Holy Spirit, and then you'll be able to overcome him. And you'll be saved, and have eternal life. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.
2017-2020Year 6000SECOND COMING OF JESUSOn 2017 Jesus takes with him those who are ready. Later on 2017, very probably, he will take the rest. After that, the wrath of God will be poured over the world, then Satan will be cast to hell and Jesus will start his Kingdom in the earth with those who were able to stand before Him.END OF TIMES: 6000 years passed and the plan of God to redeem humanity is closed: now He tells us WHO ENTERS and WHO ENTERS NOT His Kingdom
2017/20-3017/206000-7000THE MILLENIUM - Jesus rules over the world as KINGJesus is the King of the world. WILL YOU BE THERE?KINGDOM OF GOD IN THE EARTH (1000 years)


The last 7 years before the return of Jesus Christ to the earth (2009-2016)

(hebrew cal.)
Historical EventBiblical meaningProphecy fulfilledSource
21 January 2009 - Barack Obama starts his first presidency period (Oath at the White House)day 21 of first month is equivalent to '7th day of Tabernacles in the Gentile calendar' - so the first Oath of Obama happened in a Gentile version of 7th day of TabernaclesHaggai 2:1, Daniel 9:27, Esther 1:10-11 (see below)Rapture Puzzle (chap. 3)
9 October 20097th day of TabernaclesBarack Obama won the Nobel Price of PeaceThe 'Prince that will come' (Antichrist) starts his 7 years rule with a peace deal 'with many'Daniel 9:27
Haggai 2:1
Rapture Puzzle (chap. 3)
Rapt. Puzzle (chap. 2)
10 December 2009Hanukkah Eve (24 Kislev)Barack Obama received the Nobel Price in StockholmThe Antichist parodies Christ: Haggai gives 7th Tabernacles and 24 Kislev as the 2 dates where the true Messiah will come back to earthHaggai 2:1, 20Rapt. Puzzle (chap. 2)
6 November 20127th day of Tabernacles (God's calendar)Election day in America: Barack Obama is elected president for a second periodOnce again in 7th Tabernacles: America votes and rejects God. In the same way the Queen Vashti rejected his king in the 7th day of a feast in the book of Esther, and 4 years later Esther was crowned Queen in her place.Esther 1:10-11
Haggai 2:1
Rapt. Puzzle (chap. 8)
14 December 20127th day of Hanukkah'Obama wept' (main headline in CNN)The Antichrist parodies Christ: according to John 11, it is very probable that the 7th day of Hanukkah is the date when Jesus wept after Lazarus was deadJohn 11:35Rapt. Puzzle (chap. 3)
22 March 201311 Nisan 5773Barack Obama stood at the place where Jesus was born (Nativity Church) - this was exactly 1260 days after 9 October 2009, when he won the Nobel Prize of Peace1260 days after the peace deal he will make with many, the Antichrist will interrupt the daily sacrifice and set up the Abomination that causes DesolationDaniel 9:27
Daniel 11:31
Matthew 24:15
Mark 13:14
Rapt. Puzzle (chap. 3)
30 April-2 May 2013(40 days later)3 days of fasting of the Bride of Christ - Parodies of the crowning of the Bride of Christ40 days delay before punishment - then second delay after 3 days of pray - 1st May 2013 is the date when the Great Tribulation should have started, but it was delayed as Jesus announced in Matthew 24Jonah, Matthew 24Rapt. Puzzle (chap. 5)
23 September 2015Yom Kippur 5776Barack Obama and Pope Francis meet in USAThe Beast and the False Prophet together - this was the day appointed as the new start of the delayed Great Tribulation, proclaimed as start of the Jubilee Year by Jonathan Cahn - also delayed in fulfillment of Matthew 24 and Revelation 8 (from 22 March 2013 to 25 December 2016 there's 1374 days; 1/3 of this period is 458 days and 2/3 are 916 days; from 22 March 2013 to 23 September 2015 are 916 days; from this date to 25 december 2016 are 458 days exactly)Matthew 24, Revelation 8, JoelRapture puzzle (old versions)
2 October 20161st day of Trumpets 5777New Year day of year 5777 in hebrew calendar - exactly 1290 days after 22 March 2013the end of the count of 1290 days according to Daniel's prophecyDaniel 12:11Rapt. Puzzle (chap. 8)
23-24 December 2016END OF THE 7 YEARS OF PEACEExactly 7 years after Barack Obama received the Nobel Prize of Peace, for the first time in history USA is not backing Israel against a UN Resolution that puts its very existence at stake. Obama received the Nobel Prize of Peace the 10th December 2009, e.g. on 23-24 Kislev, Hanukkah Eve, in the biblical calendar. Exactly the same 23-24 Kislev corresponding, 7 years later, to the infamous UN Resolution against Israel.Daniel 9
May-June 2017Ascension day? Pentecost?70th week of Daniel restarts - Rapture - Start of the Great TribulationRapture Puzzle
December 20208th day of HanukkahTHE MILLENIUM STARTS?Jesus comes back to the Earth to Reign and Rule with his BrideRapture Puzzle